Saturday, 2 May 2009

Moving house!

Hello everyone, I'm afraid I have moved my blog over to Wordpress, it can now be found here;

I hope you will join me there :)

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I'm so happy! This evening I got a new sewing machine! I'm yet to test it out, but it's the same as mamas that I used over the weekend & hers sews like an absolute dream! Plus it comes with a 2 year warranty hurrah! Took the old one back to the shop & they exchanged it no problem, even though it was 9 months since I bought it. Fantastic!!

With all the messing about, I've not really been keeping you informed of my lovely new patterns. On my forum - - we have a pattern swap thread, and one of our lovely members traced & sent me these;

My summer wardrobe is going to be wonderful!!! Hoping the sewing machine works anyway... :D

On th 16th May I'm off to the Haworth 1940s weekend, of course I will be wearing my 1940s suit, and as always I was after the accessories to go with it & I picked up these two for half price!

I've never made gloves before, so that should be interesting, and I'm loving the hats. Lets hope the weather is nice that weekend!


More Sewing Machine Woes!

Turns out my sewing machine is actually broken & not that it was threaded incorrectly at all. It's less than a year old for goodness sake! Of course I don't have the box still, but I do have the receipt so it is going back to the shop! I can't believe the trouble I've been having with it. Not once have I just been able to get it out & sew. AGH!! That will leave me without a machine, though mama said I can borrow hers for as long as I need to. Shame she lives in Yorkshire & I'm in The Black Country. And I don't have a car. Harrrumph!!!!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sewing machine woes!

So B was out last night & I thought to myself 'I'll whip up a nice summer skirt using that bed spread I bought the other day.' I was working from this pattern -

another vintage one, dating from 1949. I love how easy it is (are we detecting a theme in my choice of patterns?!!), just 3 pattern pieces, so I was able to cut out enough for 2 skirts in one go. Excellent thought I, should take not much over an hour to make one & I'll have a nice new skirt to wear on my trip away this weekend.

I ended up fiddling with the darn sewing machine for an hour & a half before I figured out what the problem was & fixed it. The top thread kept looping on the back (tension too loose?), and kept breaking (tension too tight??!!), the bottom thread had black marks on it (needs cleaning?) and it kept missing stitches. I fiddled with the tension (though how it can be too tight and too loose at the same time I have no idea), no joy. I had the shuttle mechanism out & cleaned it all up, the machine ran much smoother but still did not fix the original problems! Out comes the instruction booklet. Oh, top spool of thread is actually on the wrong way (feeding from the back instead of the front) - still same troubles. By this time the Apprentice was starting & I had begun making this flipping skirt over an hour ago. Check instruction book again, check lower bobbin, ah, according tot he pictures my thread is again threaded from the wrong side. Change that and put it in the 'right' way - Lo and behold all my problems are solved!

Who would have thought that being a little backwards would cause so much trouble?!!!

After I found out it was fixed I of course packed all my sewing kit away because by that time I was extremely tired!

Attempt number 2 tonight! Wish me luck!


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

On The Go...

I currently have a few patterns on the go. As summer is coming up, and the weather has already started to turn warmer, I have decided I really should do something to 'update' my wardrobe (as far as you can update a vintage wardrobe anyway...). At the weekend I began this;

then quickly realised I didn't have enough fabric. The dress is being made in beige with a cream trim, with 2 jackets being made (one beige with cream trim, one cream with beige trim). The dress is all cut out & ready to go. I must visit the shop & get some more fabric...

Nex is my absolute pride & joy. I have been after a playsuit pattern for months & months, thinking it would be great to have one, but never really being able to see myself in one. Over the past month or so, however, I have decided that this summer I will have a playsuit. By chance I came across this pattern;

Check that!! 3 patterns in one!!! And in my size! And unopened. It seemed such a shame to open it really... I bought up some fabric today (bedsheets as usual!) in a lovely vibrant turquoise for the playsuit & black for the skirt & bolero. Not terribly summery, black, I know, but it's just really to see how it works out, plus I need more black skirts!
So far I have the skirt made, it's so easy. I was worried that it would be quite a difficult pattern to make as there are no seam allowances, and the instructions are very brief to say the least, but it is simple. The skirt was literally 2 rectangles sewn together & gathered at the top with a waistband chucked on top. Lets hope the playsuit & bolero work out so well. Pics to follow!
Lastly I want to share this picture with you. It is of my grandma & granddad on their wedding day.
I remember looking at the picture when growing up, and also the picture of my grandma when she was in the WAF, and being in awe of the lovely clothes. I absolutely love my grandmas suit here. And lacy gloves! She was a goth before goths existed ;) I think it was a combination of these two pictures that started my love of vintage. I was lucky enough to get hold of our family album on my last visit home & I love looking through it & hoping that one day I look as good as my relatives!


Thursday, 16 April 2009

Long time no see...Free Patterns

I really must get back into the swing of things here, I've been so busy. The new year is bringing lots of excitement, much less knitting & blogging, hopefully I can turn that around though!

So today I have been trawling the world wide interweb for some free patterns, and I thought you may well like to see them too. I'm actually after a nice jacket pattern, as I am at a total loss as to what kind of coat I should be wearing in the summer (ha! What a laugh, summer indeed!!). So what is here are mainly jacket/cardigan type things.

First up, 'Mercedes';
This pattern is from a 1940s booklet. I love the chunky look of it, it gives the tension as 3sts to 1inch, I kinda want to give it a go just because of the potential speed of knitting it up! This pattern can be found at IvBooks

The following patterns are all courtesy of Free Vintage knitting - one of my personal favourites for finding free patterns.

This is the 'Jumbo Cardigan'. It has a tension of 4 sts to 1 inch; 5 rows to 1 inch so again, will likely knit up quite quickly. I adore the sleeves on this kind of thing, though to be honest, I'm not sure I myself can pull off that kind of look, we'll see!

This is an undated pattern for a 'Slipover Sweater' originally published by Columbia-Minerva, Volume 735. This is knit using size 6 boye needles (4.5mm) and has a tension of 5 ½ sts to 1 inch; 11 rows to 1 inch. I like the effect created by the use of 2 colours here.

There are a whole load more to show you but for some reason I am having picture troubles.

Miss Hannah sent me a lovely Vogue Knitting book for my birthday in March, it has some lovely jackets in it. I will get them scanned to show you, look out for that post!!

Bye for now


Sunday, 15 February 2009

Jacket with the 'New Look'

I am so in love with this pattern. I absolutely adore it. I started it on Thursday of this week and have just completed the left side. I'm using the green yarn I mentioned in an earlier post, Sirdar Country Style DK. The pattern calls for Nomotta Mothproof festive, which I think is a 4 ply yarn to be worked double, but as this is just a mock up of the jacket, I have used the DK single. I am going to try out 4 ply & DK doubled for some swatches to see what looks the best when the jacket is finished, then I will be able to price it up properly. I can't wait to see what it looks like!
In other news, my lovely friend Hannah sent me a Stitchcraft booklet from 1946, which features some wonderful patterns which I will upload to my flickr account at some point in the future!
very busy

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A Felted Hat

So that experiment went rather well I have to say!! The hat is currently drying out after some heavy felting. I did think that it wasnt going to felt after about 15 minutes in the washer on hot with a pair of trainers, so I added a pair of jeans, a little more washing powder and put in on the full cycle and volia! A nice little felted hat!

The pattern was totally guessed, and finished whilst at work yesterday and shoved in the washer as soon as I got home. I am so pleased with how it turned out!


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Experimental Knitting

Today I am going to attempt the impossible; I am going to design my own pattern. I have a really rather lovely navy dress that I will be eaing this weekend for a friends birthday do, and felt like making a hat to go with it. Now this dress has spawened a number of other purchases, the perfect shoes, the perfect bag, the perfect gloves, and now I have decided I need a hat. Unfortunately I am unable to find the perfect pattern so I shall be attempting my own.

Wish me luck!!!

Ever adventurous,


Oh by the way, I made the dress! I think the fabric was too heavy for it, but I love how it turned out & it was pretty easy to make. Will definately make again in a lighter fabric.

Sorry about the mess...


Sunday, 25 January 2009

Ah frog!

I am having to frog the green sweater because the K4 P4 rib is really rather bad. The change from the K sts to the P sts is really loose, I've never had this happen before. Perhaps it is the yarn, or the needle size. Who knows...

On a brighter note, today I am going to dust off the old sewing machine and attempt to make this (view 2).

Ok so I know it's not knitting, but it is a vintage pattern, dating from the early 60s, so it counts and can be included her right? Right???!!!