Sunday, 15 February 2009

Jacket with the 'New Look'

I am so in love with this pattern. I absolutely adore it. I started it on Thursday of this week and have just completed the left side. I'm using the green yarn I mentioned in an earlier post, Sirdar Country Style DK. The pattern calls for Nomotta Mothproof festive, which I think is a 4 ply yarn to be worked double, but as this is just a mock up of the jacket, I have used the DK single. I am going to try out 4 ply & DK doubled for some swatches to see what looks the best when the jacket is finished, then I will be able to price it up properly. I can't wait to see what it looks like!
In other news, my lovely friend Hannah sent me a Stitchcraft booklet from 1946, which features some wonderful patterns which I will upload to my flickr account at some point in the future!
very busy


Ellen said...

I popped in from Twitter and I am looking forward to seeing your pieces - are you on Ravelry? Vintage patterns scare me a bit . . .

xdollydaydreamx said...

I'm on ravelry! Same username there - xdollydaydreamx.

I love my vintage patterns, the worst part is trying to figure out the yarn conversions, the problem I have is with American - English translations, I really do think there should be an international knitting language!!!